Stress Management Workshops


Stress doesn’t have to be an unavoidable part of your life. Develop healthy coping strategies and stress management skills through this fun and interactive workshop. By incorporating the principles of Kripalu Yoga, such as breathing exercises and yoga postures, participants learn practical and effective tools to reduce and manage stress at work and at home. Amy provides top-quality trainings that are specifically tailored to the needs of your employees or members.

“Managing Stress to Improve Learning” Institute at World Education
In October 2010, Amy presented “Tools for Stress Management for Adult Learners” as part of a two-day institute to kick off the “Managing Stress to Improve Learning” project at World Education. The project, which is funded by Jane’s Trust, examines stressors that low-income adults bring with them to adult literacy programs and how they affect their ability to learn. In Amy’s workshop, adult educators learned mind-body approaches that they could incorporate in their classrooms such as yoga postures, guided visualization, breathing techniques, and art, in order to reduce stress, regulate emotions, and promote learning. 


Amy Cameron Yoga Instructor