Yoga for Non-Native English Speakers


With over 18 years of ESOL teaching and a M.A. in Teaching, Amy possesses the expertise to hold yoga workshops and classes that are accessible to English language learners. All classes are tailored to the specific needs of non-native English speakers, and add-on lessons related to health or stress management are also available.


“When I first learned that Amy was teaching Yoga, I knew that she would be a perfect fit for the residents at the low-income housing development where I work. I had known Amy when she was an English teacher, and so had the confidence she could overcome the language barrier of many of the residents. All of the students in her 7 week course were first time Yoga goers and over 90% of the students remained throughout the whole seven weeks. During each class I could hear them laughing and then see them smiling as they walked out the doors at the end of the class.” –Sarah P., Resident Service Coordinator & Social Worker

“Having a certified yoga instructor lead our ESOL students through a relaxing and enjoyable yoga class was an excellent way to kick off this month’s goal, which focuses on health. I liked that Amy asked the students, most of whom where yoga novices, at the end of the class which elements from the class they could do on a regular basis to relax. A number of the students seemed willing to do some of the stretches and relaxing poses at home. Now our students have more options for how to lead healthier and more relaxing lives.” –Megan M., Intermediate ESOL teacher, YMCA International Learning Center

“My students really loved the class. They work so hard and this class was a great way for them to focus on themselves without distraction. They’ve requested that I learn yoga so we can do it every day before class!” –Sharon K., Advanced ESOL teacher, YMCA International Learning Center

Amy Cameron Yoga Instructor