Yoga in Schools


Students, with schedules packed with exams, games, competitions, and applications, are just as prone to stress and tension as adults. Amy offers youth yoga classes to help students of all ages release tension, achieve inner balance, and learn healthy coping strategies. Host a yoga program at your school or youth center and bring the benefits of yoga to your students.

Amy taught high school students in Waltham, MA as part of the Kripalu Center for Extraordinary Living’s cutting edge Yoga in the Schools mental health research project. Click here for more information.

As a new yoga teacher, Amy began assisting me teaching high school students yoga in a wrestling room as part of a research study. I have been very grateful for her approachable manner with the students, her professionalism, her thoughtfulness and her leadership. Her previous experience as an ESL teacher and her level of commitment to the projects in which she participates make it easy for me to recommend Amy for work anywhere. –Debbie C., Yoga Instructor

Amy Cameron Yoga Instructor